I am an Associate Professor of Social Policy at the Department of Social Welfare, Chung-Ang University, Seoul and have a PhD in Comparative Social Policy.


My research has been focused on East Asian welfare states and labour markets, precarious work and social protection (including ALMPs and unemployment insurance. I have records in doing comparative research on Japan, Korea and Taiwan and some of my publications are in leading Korean journal and presses, and also international journals such as Socio-Economic ReviewIndustrial Relations, the International Journal of Social Welfare, Socia policy and administration and the Journal of Contemporary Asia

I am also currently a member of the National Pension Reform Committee of Korea’s Ministry of Health and Welfare and of Korea’s Presidential Committee on Ageing Society and Population Policy. I am also a member of ‘East Asian Social Protection Expert Group (Korea, Japan and China)’ where we regularly discuss the Asian social protection and welfare state. 

Most recently, my work is on East Asian digital worker and the reconstructing of the welfare state (with Basic Income as one of the topic). I am currently a visiting scholar at FU Berlin. 

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