Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

[Peer-reviewed Journal Articles]


Yun-Young Kim, Seung-Ho Baek, and Sophia Seung-Yoon Lee, (2018), Precarious Elderly Workers in Post-Industrial South KoreaJournal of Contemporary Asia, Vol.48. No. 3, pp.465-484. [SSCI]

Seung-Ho Baek, and Sophia Seung-Yoon Lee, (2018), Debating Universal Basic Income in South KoreaKorea Social Policy Review, Vol.25. No. 3, pp.37-71.(paper written in Korean: 기본소득 논쟁 제대로 하기)

 Sophia Seung-yoon LeeHyojin Seo, Koeun Park (2018), Why are Cleaning Workers Precarious?- Subcontracted Female Cleaning Labour and Fictional Korean Social ProtectionKOREAN JOURNAL OF LABOR STUDIES, 24, No. 2, pp. 247-291. (paper written in Korean: 청소노동자는 왜 불안정(precarious)한가?-하청 여성 청소노동과 한국 사회안전망의 허구성)

Sang A Lee , Sophia Seung-yoon Lee (2018), Can Local Employment Policies be a Alternative for Youth Unemployment Resolution? : Limitations and Possibilities of Seoul Youth Employment PolicyQuarterly Journal of Labor Policy, Vol. 18, No. 2, pp. 27-59.(paper written in Korean: 지역고용정책은 청년실업 해소의 대안일 수 있는가?- 서울시 청년고용정책의 한계와 가능성)

 Nahm Jaewook, Sophia Seung-Yoon Lee (2018), ‘A Case Study on Dutch Labour Market Flexibility and Social Protection System Focusing on the ‘pro rata temporis-principle’‘, Korean Social Security Studies, vol. 34, no. 2, pp. 125-155.(paper written in Korean: 네덜란드 근로시간 유연화와 사회보장제에 대한 사례연구시간비례원칙을 중심으로)

 Sophia Seung-yoon Lee, (2018), A Comparative Study on Unemployment Insurance, Social Assistance and ALMP in OECD CountriesKorea Social Policy Review, Vol. 25, No. 1, pp. 345-375.(paper written in Korean:실업안전망 국제비교연구– 실업보험사회부조적극적노동시장정책의 제도조합과 유형화)

 Ki-tae Kim, Sophia Seung-yoon Lee, (2018), Comparative Analysis of Sickness Benefits Abroad and Proposal for Its Introduction in KoreaSocial Welfare Policy, 45, No. 1, pp. 148-177.(paper written in Korean:한국 공적 상병수당 도입을 위한 제도 비교연구 및 정책제언)



Back, Seung Ho, AN, Juyoung and Lee, Sophia Seung-yoon, (2017), A Comparative Study on Precarious Labor Market in Korea and Japan – Gender and Occupational Division of Precarious work -, Korea Social Policy Review, 24, No. 2, pp. 1-29. (paper written in Korean: 한국과 일본의 불안정노동시장 비교연구 : 불안정노동의 젠더적・직업계층적 분절)

Sophia Seung-yoon Lee, Kitae Kim (2017), Path to Poverty of Sick Workers and Fictional Korean Social Security, Korea Social Policy Review, 24, No. 24, pp. 113-150. (paper written in Korean: 아픈 노동자는 왜 가난해지는가?: 아픈 노동자의 빈곤화과정과 소득보장제의 경험)

Sophia Seung-yoon Lee, Eunji Kim, Koeun Park (2017), Subcontracting workers outside of Korean Social Safety net: A case study of subcontracting workers in Ulsan Shipbuilding industry, Social Welfare Policy, 44, No. 2, pp. 111-144. (paper written in Korean: 한국 사회안전망 밖의 하청노동자: 울산지역 조선업 하청노동자 사례를 중심으로)

Kim, Kyo-seong., Baek, Seungho.,Seo, Jeonghee., Lee, Sophia Seung-yoon (2017), Feasible Paths to Realizing Korean Basic Income, Korean Journal of Social Welfare, 69, No. 3, pp. 289-315 (paper written in Korean: 한국형 기본소득의 이상적모형과 단계적 이행방안)

Byoung-Hoon Lee and Sophia Seung-Yoon Lee (2017), Winning Conditions of
Precarious Workers’ Struggles:
A Reflection Based on Case Studies from South Korea, Relations industrielles / Industrial relations, Vol 72, No.3, 524-550, [SSCI]

Baek, Seung‐Ho, Yun‐Kyu Ryu, and Sophia Seungyoon Lee, (2017), The political economy of changes in family and old‐age welfare policy spending: Analysis of OECD countries, 1998–2011, International Journal of Social Welfare, Vol26, NO.2, pp.116-126. [SSCI]

Sophia Seung-Yoon Lee, Seung Ho Baek, Migyoung Kim and Yunyoung Kim (2017), Analysis of Precariousness in Korean Youth Labour Market,Journal of Critical Social Policy, 54, pp.487-521. (written in Korean: 한국 청년노동시장의 불안정성 분석)



Sophia Seung-Yoon Lee  (2016), Institutional legacy of state corporatism in de-industrial labour markets: a comparative study of Japan, South Korea and TaiwanSocio-Economic Review. Vol 14, Issue 1, p73-95 [SSCI]

Lee, Sophia Seung-Yoon, Yi, Jung-A and Baek, Seung-ho, (2016), “Korean precarious youth labour market and policy ideas for youth basic income,” Journal of Critical Social Policy, 52, pp.365-405. (written in Korean: 한국의 불안정 청년노동시장과 청년 기본소득 정책안

Lee, Sophia Seung-yoon, AN, Juyoung and Kim, Yuhwi, (2016), “Why Women Remain Outsiders : A Comparative Study of Labour Market in Korea and Japan“, Korea Social Policy Review, 23, No. 2, pp.201-237. (written in Korean: 여성은 왜 외부자로 남아있는가?)

Lee, Sophia Seung-Yoon and Kim, Yun-Young, (2016), A Critical Review and analysis of the National Basic Living Security Act revision, Journal of Critical Social Policy, No. 51, pp.92- (written in Korean: 박근혜정부의 국민기초생활보장법 급여체계 개편 논쟁에 대한 비판적 고찰)



Sophia Seung-yoon Lee, Seung-sup Kim*, (2015),Ssangyong Motors Layoff and Dual Labour Market in KoreaKorea Social Policy Review. Vol 22, No 4. pp 73-96. (written in Korean: ‘쌍용자동차 정리해고와 한국 미끄럼틀 사회)

Sophia Seung-yoon Lee,. Hwang Eun Joo,. Yuhwi Kim* (2015) Formal-Informal Labour makret and Women in North Korea, Journal of Critical Social Policy. Vol 48.285-328 (written in Korean: 북한 공식-비공식 노동시장의 형성과 여성)

Yuhwi Kim․, Hye-young Kwon․, Sophia Seung-yoon Lee* (2015) Explaining Dual Labour Market in China with an Institutional Approach, Korea Social Policy Review. Vol 22, No 1. pp. 243-284. (written in Korean: 중국 이중노동시장의 형성에 대한 제도주의적 분석)

Sophia Seung-yoon Lee., Minah Kang., Moo-Kwon Chung*. (2015) ‘Quality of Government’ as the Necessary Condition for Welfare State: A Comparative Analysis of OECD Countries Using fs/QCA, Journal of Governmental Studies 21, No. 1. pp.1-40 (written in Korean: 복지국가의 필요조건으로서의 ‘정부의 질’: 퍼지셋 질적비교연구를 활용한 OECD 국가 비교연구)

Sophia Seung-yoon Lee, (2015) Using fuzzy-set qualitative comparative analysis,Epidemiology and Health, Vol 36.



Kim, Yuhwi., Lee, Sophia Seung-yoon*., (2014), Analysis of the ‘Time Selective Job Policy’: A Comparative Study on South Korea, Netherlands and Germany, Korea Social Policy Review. Vol 21, No 3. pp 93-128. (written in Korean: ‘시간선택제 일자리’ 정책의 분석과 평가: 한국, 네덜란드, 독일 비교 연구)

Baek, Seung-ho, Lee, Sophia SY* (2014), Changes in Economic Activity, Skills and Inequality in the Service Economy, Development and Society. 43. No. 1, pp.1-33

Baek, Seung-ho, Lee, Sophia SY* (2014), Why Social Investment Approach is Not Enough: Female Labor Market and Family Policy in the Republic of Korea , Social Policy and Administration, 48, No.6. pp 686-703 [SSCI]

Chung, Soondool., Choi, Hyeji., Lee, Sophia SY* (2014), Measuring Social Capital in the Republic of Korea with Mixed Methods: Application of Factor Analysis and Fuzzy-set Ideal Type Approach, Social Indicators Research , 117, No. 1, pp.45-64.[SSCI]

Lee, Sophia SY*, Park, Goeun, Kim, Yunyoung (2014), A Comparative Study on Family policy provision and its configuration, Social Welfare Policy, Vol 41, No.1, pp 213-240.(written in Korean: 가족정책의 세 가지 지원유형과 그 조합에 관한 비교연구)



Lee, Young Young*.,Sophia Seung-yoon Lee(2013), Policy Implications for Inclusive Growth in the Republic of KoreaKorea and the World Economy,14, No.3.pp 608-651.

Lee, Sophia SY*., Kim, Yun-young (2013), Precarious Working Youth and Pension Reform in the Republic of Korea and Italy,The Korean Journal of Policy Studies. 28, No 3, pp.51-75.

Han, Seung-hun., Kang, Minha., Lee, Sophia SY*, (2013), Comparative Study on Concepts of Government Capacity Exploiting Citation Analysis, Korean Governance Review. Vol 20, issue 3, pp 27-54.(written in Korean: 정부역량에 관한 연구동향 분석과 개념비교)

Lee, Sophia SY(2013), High Non-standard Employment Rates in the Republic of Korea and Japan: Analyzing Policy Configurations with Fuzzy-set/QCA, Policy and Society. Vol 32, 4, pp 333-344, [SSCI]

Lee, Sophia SY(2013), Labour Market Risk Shifts in 18 Post-industrial Economies: An Application of Fuzzy-set Ideal Type Approach, Korea Social Policy Review. Vol 20, No 3. pp 47-76.

Lee, Sophia SY(2013), Examining Policy Configurations as Conditions for Long-term Unemployment and Non-standard Employment in OECD Countries Using Fuzzy-set Analysis, Quality and Quantity,Vol47, No 6, pp. 3521-3536.[SSCI]

Lee, SophiaSY*., Kim, Min Hye., Lee, Ju-yong (2013), Policy Network Analysis on Korean Child Care Cash Benefit Expansion, Korea Social Policy Review.Vol 20, No 2. pp 195-232. (written in Korean: 한국 양육수당의 확대는 어떠한 정책형성과정을 거쳤는가?: 정책네트워크 분석을 활용하여)

Lee, SophiaSY (2013), Fuzzy-set method in comparative social policy: a critical introduction and review of the applications of the fuzzy-set method, Quality and QuantityVol47, No pp 1905-1922,[SSCI]

Sanga, Lee., Park, Shorie., Cho, Jung-eun., Lee, Sophia SY*, (2013), It’s More Than an M‐shape: the Political Economy of Female Non‐Standard Workers in the Republic of Korea, Asian Social Work and Policy ReviewVol 7, No pp 1-17.



Boram, Kim.,Eun-Ha, Moon.,Sophia Seung-yoon Lee* (2012) Investigating the Quality of Work in Korean Social Enterprises : An Application of Fuzzy-set Ideal type ApproachJournal of Community Welfare,42.pp 31-59. (written in Korean: 퍼지셋 이상형분석을 활용한 사회적기업 일자리의 분석)

Lee, Sophia SY(2012), Book review: Population Policy and Reproduction in Singapore:Making Future Citizens,  by Shirley Hsiao-Li Sun, London and New York: Routledge, 2012. Journal of Chinese Overseas.8, pp. 291-303

Lee, Sophia SY(2012), Concept Structures, Functional Equivalence and the East Asian Welfare State Discussion: An Application of Set-Theory in Comparative Social PolicyKorea Social Policy ReviewVol 19, No 3. pp 185-214.  (written in Korean: 개념구조, 기능적 등가물 그리고 동아시아복지국가론: 비교사회정책연구에서 집합이론의 활용

 Ahn, Sang-hoon., Lee, SophiaSY* (2012),Explaining Korean Welfare State Development with New Empirical Data and Methods,  Asian Social Work and Policy Review.Vol 6, No 2. pp.67-85.

Lee, SophiaSY (2011), The Evolution of Welfare Production Regime in East Asia: A Comparative Study of Korea, Japan and Taiwan. The Korean Journal of Policy Studies, 26, No. 1, pp. 49-75.

Lee, SophiaSY (2011), “The Shift of Labour Market Risks in Deindustrializing Taiwan, Japan and Korea”Perspectives on Global Development and Technology,Vol 12. No1. pp. 241-269.